Blog Post 1

Blog Post 1

Just a quick post on this new site of mine: I switched from using WordPress to Notion, seeking a more customizable and secure platform. I wanted a hub-like format to represent different aspects of my life and connect with visitors. I eagerly welcome readers to my corner of the internet.
September 17, 2023

So, I’m working on getting some of my blog posts, recipes, and more posted here on the new site. I chose to switch to using Notion to run this site, because it’s really easy to update, customize, and keep everything together in one space.

My old setup was using WordPress, which I’ve truly adored since it’s inception. But the thing about WordPress is that as robust as it is — you can literally do anything with it — the more you do with it, the easier it becomes to get hacked, have files become corrupted, you name it.

I wanted a site that wasn’t about running ads all over it, or having a shopping cart feature. I wanted something that I could use to represent me in a “hub” like format. A place where anyone who lands here will understand all the different aspects of my life and hopefully will find a way to connect to some of it.

I’ve been working online for more than half of my life at this point, and there are so many things I’ve done, seen, built, and experienced. I’m also a mom, wife, artist, volunteer, and so much more.

Welcome to my little, teeny corner of the internet. I hope you like it here.